Where Fish Go to Fry


We popped into The Seattle Fish Company on California Ave. for a quick lunch and to pick up some fresh halibut for our weekend dinner. It used to be that you’d head to Alki Beach for the best fish and chips in West Seattle, but we’re firm believers that the title now belongs to this establishment. 


Although the fish market has been around for eight years, the restaurant is only a little over a year old. Owner Jon Daniels (previously of City Fish Company) co-created the menu with the late Dave Harris, a Seattle chef who hailed from the Jitterbug and the Other Coast Cafe. Jon explained the meticulous process they followed to find their particular fried fish recipe – and we’re here to tell you that the effort shows.

ba2d1-chowderTheir panko mix is just right and they fry their fish at the perfect temperature to create a golden crust and flaky inside. Delicious! We indulged in a Halibut sandwich and a cup of clam chowder. As we were licking our fingers and scraping the bowl, it was clear that their use of high quality ingredients, simple preparation and perfect execution was a winning strategy.

753b7-seattlefishcoOn the fish market side, we’ve sampled everything from Chinook to Ono. There’s always someone like this friendly crew member available to steer us towards the freshest catch, and so far everything we’ve tried has been stellar. That said, you’re going to pay a slight premium for the high quality, but in our opinion it’s always been worth it. Plus it’s a great place to hang on a rainy day, and for non-seafood lovers there’s always frog legs! Check back tomorrow to see what we whip up with our piece of halibut!

bcfa4-bigfishCheck out their website for a full menu, hours, and more here: http://www.seattlefishcompany.com

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