Mary’s Festive Cranberry-Walnut Bread


This recipe is an oldie from my childhood. My mother and I would make this bread every winter – if that even counts in sunny Santa Barbara – as soon as we saw the bags of cranberries in the store. It satisfied my sweet tooth but still had a tart surprise with every bite. Toast it with a little butter or wrap it in cellophane for a quick, homemade gift! Continue reading


Sassy Holiday Dressing with Pine Nuts and Pomegranate


This year for Thanksgiving we got two assignments: to bring back last year’s sinful root vegetable gratin and a dressing. Since we can’t ever seem to take the simple route, we decided to spice up our dressing with a few of our current favorite ingredients, pine nuts and pomegranate. The pine nuts provide an underlying nutty richness and the pomegranate adds a tart, crunchy counter balance to the the usual savory suspects. The result tastes just like the traditional dressing we all remember, with just enough twist to distinguish this one from the year before, and the year before that, and the…. you get the picture. Continue reading

Tongue Twisting Treat: Autumn Apple Appetizer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I recently sent Elliott to Costco for toilet paper and he came back with a car load of supplies, including a chunk of cheese the size of a small baby. Granted it was Beecher’s Flagship, but still! Then my dad stopped by with a bag of apples fresh from his orchard. It was time to get to work, so we came up with this simple cheesy-apple treat that’s much easier to make than it is to say. It’s like an open-faced croissant that can be thrown together in a few minutes but is still sophisticated enough for holiday dinner parties. So what if it cancels out your workout in just a single bite? 😉 Continue reading

Flo’s French Crepes…Oui Oui!


When one of my best friends, Marketa, told me that she only wanted to eat Asian food while on vacation in Seattle from France, she wasn’t kidding. She has been here for over a month and can’t get enough Thai food, Sushi, Ramen and Pho. We really don’t know how good we have it around here when it comes to high quality international food!

Meanwhile, Elliott and I saw the perfect opportunity to extract some authentic French cooking out of them while they were in town. We hatched our plan on a road trip to Manzanita, Oregon; What better setting than a romantic cabin by the ocean, conveniently equipped with a kitchen? When Marketa’s boyfriend Flo offered to make crêpes for dinner, we couldn’t help but say “Oui, oui!”  With just a flick of the wrist (and Marketa’s help with the béchamel), Flo made the crêpes look effortless. All it took was a few bites and we were instantly transported to Paris! Continue reading

Tofu Scramble with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Basil and Parmesan


This dish was inspired by our recent trip to the Bay Area. We found a quaint, little breakfast spot called the Barefoot Café in Fairfax (just west of San Rafael in Marin County), that served these delicious blueberry cornmeal pancakes and a savory tofu scramble. It was my first taste of an eggless scramble, and considering how quickly it was  inhaled, I’m clearly a fan. Here is our updated take on the California version, as well as an idea for a super easy potato side dish. Continue reading

Date Night in San Francisco at Rich Table

photo 1 (5)

It’s pretty incredible that you can get off work at 2pm in Seattle, head to the airport, and make a 9:30pm dinner reservation in San Francisco without breaking a sweat (not counting the A Terminal shuffle to catch the BART). We came to town for a wedding so we only had one night to eat out on our own and wanted to do something special. Elliott asked a friend and got a few recommendations from his twin brother, who we knew we could trust genetically. Continue reading

Bell’s Beach Mussels with Chorizo and Thyme

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs much as we love living in Seattle, it’s sometime nice (and necessary) to get out of the city and away from the constant assault of sirens, leaf blowers, and NOISE. We knew our time for warm, sunny days was slipping away, so we headed up to Whidbey Island for a relaxing weekend with some friends visiting from France. Elliott’s family has a great little cabin on Bell’s Beach where you can watch the tide come in and with little effort, wade out to as many mussels as you can eat.  After two mornings of waking up to complete silence, a lazy kayaking adventure,  and the feeling of warm sand between our toes, we were at last rejuvenated to return to our life of city living. Here’s a great recipe if you’re ever in need of a little escape from the city (or if you’ve just got a hankering for bivalves)! 🙂 Continue reading

Mountaineer’s Proscuitto-Wrapped Chicken Slider with Marinated Quinoa-Kale Salad


For Labor Day Weekend this year, we went for a hike with Elliott’s sister, Charlotte, who was in town from San Diego. It was a miserable, rainy day but we were all determined to get hiking so we grabbed a few bagels and headed east over the mountains. What was supposed to be an “easy” 9 mile hike turned into a 5.5 mile march up the mountain and a 5.5 mile race down the rocky trail so we could make our early dinner plans. It’s three days later and we’re still feeling the pain! (Why do toilet seats have to be so low?!) If you’re planning on doing any hikes this fall – easy or impossible – here is a healthy recovery meal to ease your sore muscles. 🙂 Continue reading

Perfetto! Potato, Rosemary, and Truffle Butter Pizza


Back in college, I tried a pizza in Italy with thinly sliced potatoes and rosemary. At that time, it was the most delicious and unusual pizza I’d ever tried. Even though potatoes are a standard topping nowadays at many pizzerias, I was having a hard time reliving that magical dinner in Florence. Continue reading

Asian Ahhhhhi Burger


What happens when one person is craving sushi and the other is begging for a burger and fries? Why, mash-up time! Since we’ve both been cutting back on our red meat, this meal was the perfect opportunity to have the cool, refreshing flavors of fresh ahi while still getting the sensation of biting into a burger. Topped with a slaw inspired by Martha Stewart and a wasabi sauce to clear your sinuses, this burger delivers! Continue reading