Date Night in San Francisco at Rich Table

photo 1 (5)

It’s pretty incredible that you can get off work at 2pm in Seattle, head to the airport, and make a 9:30pm dinner reservation in San Francisco without breaking a sweat (not counting the A Terminal shuffle to catch the BART). We came to town for a wedding so we only had one night to eat out on our own and wanted to do something special. Elliott asked a friend and got a few recommendations from his twin brother, who we knew we could trust genetically.

We hopped in an Uber and headed to The Rich Table, in Hayes Valley. The dimly lit restaurant is casual and comfortable with an exposed wood interior. On this particular night, the women were lined up neatly along the wall across from their dates, who were all in fitted checked shirts.  The menu ranges from small plates to full size entrees and offers flavor combinations we’ve never seen before. Green melon, cucumber and halibut tartare? Incredible. Here are a few stealthy photos we managed to sneak from our dinner experience…(apologies for the poor lighting)

photo 2 (5)

Porcini Donuts with Whipped Raclette and Cucumber-Green Melon Halibut Tartare with Popped Sorghum

Gem Lettuce with Buttermilk Peach Dressing

Gem Lettuce with Peach Buttermilk Dressing, Pine Nuts, and Chèvre.

photo 3 (3)

Tagliatelle with Pork Bolognese, Pomegranate and Candied Almonds

Delicate Panna Cotta with a  hard Malted Milk shell, topped with macerated strawberries, puffed brown rice & a bit of basil.

Delicate Malted Milk Panna Cotta with a Hard Chocolate Shell, Macerated Strawberries, Puffed Brown Rice and Basil.

photo (7)

One satisfied customer!


2 thoughts on “Date Night in San Francisco at Rich Table

  1. Looks yummy and the beauty at the end is the best! Glad you were able to experience fine food, even though I think your matches quite well.

  2. Rats: In the act of composing a comprehensive reply to your My Rich Table I lost the whole thing. I travel vicariously with you on your trips to The City. I just read a comprehensive review of Rich in the SF Chronicle and that plus your new blog makes me realize that my palate is now pretty plebeian. Please join me for a meat and potatoes dinner at the Lakeshore. Anyway IIove you both and I thought the photo of Corrine was sizzleing. papa

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