Old Friends, a New Year and an Extravagant Thai Feast

Going on five years now, Elliott’s friends have been getting together each New Year’s to cook an extravagant dinner (usually followed by an adventure to the Lo-Fi for old-timey dancing). When Carinn came into the mix, we had a rabbit tagine and a couple of spit-roasted ducks. The next year we got our hands on an entire beef tenderloin and made beef wellington. Last year we went with an Indian-themed dinner which included incredible ‘lamb pops’, homemade Naan and homemade Paneer.

Inspired by the lemongrass and lime leaves we had in our fridge, we decided to go with a Thai them for this year’s dinner. Last night we hosted at our place and managed to fit 13 people in our 800 square foot apartment. Part of what makes this tradition work is that everyone really pitches in, from cooking to doing the dishes. Check out the photos below to get a taste of what we ate! Happy New Year!!

Image 2

Green Papaya Salad with Peanuts, Tomatoes, and Birds-Eye Chilis…fresh, crunchy, and whoah, those chilis are hot!

Image 4

Red Curry with Crispy Duck Breast and Tom Ka Soup…Elliott’s hands are still burning from the cup and a half of red chills he shredded by hand.

Image 1

Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk and Mango…perfect execution of a delicately sweet treat.


Sweet bananas, tart kiwis, sour pomegranates, and spicy ginger…all blended together with a Vanilla Bean Coconut Ice Cream base.

Another success – can’t wait for next year!


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