A Hometown Tour of SB


A couple of breakfast vouchers from our hotel brought us to Jeannine’s Bakery for breakfast in the heart of Montecito. There was a line out the door when we showed up, which we typically find to be a great sign. This apple maple scone had a hint of lemon zest and melted in your mouth. Paired with an egg white scramble with asparagus, zucchini and tomatoes, we were set for our morning run along East Beach.


Elliott’s one goal for the entire trip was fly home to Seattle completely sick of Mexican food. Famished after our morning run, we headed out on a mission for tacos. A must stop in Santa Barbara is La Super-Rica Taqueria on Milpas Street. It’s a popular destination with tourists and locals alike, but is homey, delicious, and “super” reasonably priced. The guy in line behind us had been there yesterday and was already back for another round.


Here is a shot of the grill and a mound of homemade masa. Can we put that in our carry-on, please?


After a long, exhaustive discussion of each item on the menu, we opted for three specials: a chicken tamale with fresh corn, pasilla pepper, and Mexican crema; marinated pork tacos with roasted pasilla peppers stuffed with cheese; and chicken enchiladas with potatoes, mushrooms, and a crema sauce. Need we describe the pleasure that this lunch gave us after our hard run? Suffice it to say that we didn’t talk much and could only utter soft moans after each bite.


Our lunch fueled us up for a driving tour of all of Carinn’s memorable spots around town, including the Mission, the Santa Barbara Junior High (which was featured in an Aerosmith video), and Miramar Beach.


We didn’t see Oprah, but here is a shot of Carinn at the beach she grew up on, reenacting her childhood role as Wonder Woman.


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