Driving the 1 in *Sometimes* Sunny California


When Elliott’s sister Charlotte moved to San Diego for grad school this year, it seemed like a great excuse to go on a road trip to visit her and show Elliott my old stomping grounds. We started our journey in San Jose and met up with Elliott’s old high school buddy Scott and his wife, Sadaf. After a windswept drive through Pacific Grove and Carmel, we found a great campsite along the coast in Big Sur.


Here is a shot of our dinner, probably one of the best steaks we’ve ever had. Sometimes all you really need is some salt, pepper, and a good old campfire.


In the morning we matched our steel cut oats and berries with “yam cup”; an improvisation of mashed yams, goat brie, and chives.


After a great hike on the Pine Ridge Trail we said farewell to our friends and headed south on the 1 towards Santa Barbara. We found this gem off the highway in Cayucos. It was a welcome change after a very mediocre and overpriced lunch along the 1. The free samples and warm smiles at the Brown Butter Cookie Company made it that much easier to walk away with two bags of treats. 😉


Now it’s time for dinner with my good friend, Devaney, in foggy Santa Barbara!


One thought on “Driving the 1 in *Sometimes* Sunny California

  1. this looks like so much fun—it’s super foggy (like I’ve never seen before) here too!!
    You guys are ‘makin fast tracks–Charlotte tomorrow? Love you both!

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