Morning in the Mediterranean: A Turkish Inspired Breakfast


Many years ago I visited Turkey and found that each hotel I stayed at served a variation on a deconstructed Greek salad. Sometimes there were hard boiled eggs or fresh fruit, but always some cucumber, tomatoes, and feta. At first I thought it was strange to not not have a warm, freshly cooked breakfast but after a week, I began to look forward to it.When I introduced Elliott to this style breakfast, he liked the change of pace from our usual weekend fare (see Strawberry Clouds ). He pointed out that it’s a meal that takes time to eat so you really get to enjoy the flavors without filling up too fast and since you’re essentially eating a salad in the morning, it’s a guilt-free way to start off the day.

Today we added some avocado, peppadew peppers, green and black olives, cornichons, Salumi salami and some fresh pita bread. All we were missing was some apple tea and a hard sell for an antique kilim!

Other Suggested Components:
Roasted red peppers
Caramelized onions
Mandarin oranges
Hard boiled egg

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