Sick of Meat? Don’t Be Radicchio!


It’s been almost two weeks since our trip to Argentina and we’ve been experiencing some serious meat withdrawals. Or perhaps our desire comes from watching back to back episodes of The Walking Dead.

It was a rare sunny spring afternoon in the Northwest, so grilling seemed like the perfect choice. We headed to the store on a mission for flesh and veggies. After picking out a couple tasty tenderloins, we made our way to the produce section for some inspiration and to catch up with our pal, Jon Paul. When we asked for his esteemed opinion on what to grill, he suggested radicchio; The zombie in Elliott upped the ante by grabbing some pancetta to wrap around it. Add a bag of sweet potato fries and some asparagus, and our menu was set.

Cut the radicchio into quarters and toss in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Then drizzle the slices with basalmic vinegar. Roll each quarter in a few slices of pancetta and throw them on the grill until crispy. Be warned: the saltiness of the meat paired with the sweetness of the fries will only feed your craving for more…arrrgggghhh….

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