What’s New Buenos Aires?


¡Buenos Días Desde Argentina! Well we finally made it after 23 hours of travel and less than 2 hours of sleep. Our first stop was lunch at The Natural Deli, a local hang-out with surprisingly good food. The menu didn’t have a lick of English so we played our first round of Eating-Out Roulette. Not too bad for a couple of zonked touristas!

We ordered a chicken burger expecting a grilled breast and got instead a patty of ground chicken mixed with herbs. It came with a frothy light dipping sauce made from (we think) whipped egg whites and lemon juice. ¡Delicioso!
After lunch we decided to keep moving to stay awake. Fittingly, our jet-lagged zombie walk brought us to the Recoleta Cemetery. These two Porteños were rocking out some Latin-inspired Jazz just outside the gates.

The next morning we went on a mission for breakfast and discovered that Sunday is taken seriously as a day of rest in Buenos Aires. We settled for two marginal cups of coffee and finally found a bakery that was open. The coffee cost three times as much as this entire plate of pastries (which were incredibly cheap). We’ve already walked past at least a dozen or so bakeries like this one that sell a South American version of classic French pastries. Here, the dulce de leche filled croissant was the top recommendation.


This must be how the Argentines stay so skinny! These guys were screaming down this hill, through hair-pins, in full traffic. We think we’ll stick to walking.


One thought on “What’s New Buenos Aires?

  1. Check out Palermo (cool shops). Also, don't miss the Sunday market in San Telmo! Jake and I went last year and had a blast. If you have time, take the Buquebus over to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. We'll be there next month on another journey as well so I'm looking forward to the rest of your blogs and some new inspiration!-Jenna

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