A Bacon Lover’s Paradise

When Elliott asked me if I’d ever been to The Swinery, I didn’t quite know how to react. He wanted me to have lunch at a butcher shop?


Elliott assured me with a signature “trust me” and we swung in for lunch one day. As it turns out, they grind their beef for burgers in-house and add pork belly to the mix. They’re rich, greasy, and totally worth it. But what really got me was what they sold on top of the case. Chocolate chip cookies with BACON. It was my dream meal in one and I’ve been a fan ever since.


When you’re driving down California Avenue, you can’t miss the iron pig they have out front. Drop in and check out their house-made sausages, including the habañero bratwurst that managed to sober up a bunch of guys at a recent bachelor party in the woods. They also know how to cut a rib-eye: Thick and bone-in.

Check back soon to see what we make with some monstrous pork chops!



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