Elliott’s Habañero-Slaw Fish Tacos

We took a trip to Maui a couple of years ago and had our minds blown by the fish tacos at Coconut’s in Kihei – We had to figure out how to make these on our own. On our first attempt we made habañero ranch to put on top of the slaw, but on the second attempt we incorporated the habañero directly into the slaw dressing. This allowed the heat to incorporate more evenly into the cabbage, which we think is way better. We have two versions of these tacos: the “payday” version with seared ahi, and the “rent-is-due-tomorrow” version with battered fish filets from Safeway. Honestly, the version with the fish filets is equally as satisfying, just not as ‘special’.

Corn tortillas – two per taco
Ahi or Frozen Fish Filets – one filet per taco
Green Cabbage – 1/2 head thinly sliced, or shredded in a cuisinart
1/2 Carrot – sliced into super thin matchsticks
Cilantro – half a bunch, loosley chopped
Pepperjack cheese (optional)
Rice Vinegar – ~1/4 cup
Ranch – ~4 tbl
Habañero – this is totally between you and the pepper…
Pepper – to taste

If you’re using ahi, hit the fish with some salt and pepper, get a pan super hot (hotter than you think it should be) and add some high heat oil. Sear the fish for no more than two minutes a side and then let it rest. Toss the cabbage and carrot with a teaspoon of salt and set aside for twenty minutes. Make the slaw dressing by chopping the habañero as finely as possible and combining with vinegar, ranch, lime juice, salt and pepper. Drain off the liquid from the cabbage by squeezing it with your hands or a clean dish towel. Dress the slaw and let it soak in the dressing for at least fifteen minutes before building your tacos (mix in the cilantro just before serving.) Don’t worry if your tacos are monstrously huge…just get messy!


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